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    - This fits Ryanair Overhead

    - 53cm x 38cm x 20cm

    - At ROLLAER, we understand the importance of hassle-free travel. That's why our suitcase is designed to comply with Ryanair's strict overhead requirements, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey for our customers. Say goodbye to the worries of exceeding size limits and embrace the convenience of effortless travel with our Ryanair-approved suitcase.

  • See Colin O Brien walk out of the lift on the BBC 1 Dragons' Den with his Rollaer Suitcase (roller case) rollersuitcase colin also pitched his PeggyRain washing line clothesline that knows when its starting to rain! Colin also presented his bicycle alarm that signals an alarm when its being stolen. ROLLAER suitcase ROLLAER Case Peggy Rain dragons den clothesline Dragons Den washing line

    Robust Silent and Stylish

    See BBC Dragons' Den for the first adventure of ROLLAER as Colin O' Brien walks into the Den with ROLLAER Suitcase!

    - Strong Robust unbreakable Rollers

    - Smooth Rubber Rollers

    - Silent Travel with ROLLAER

    Click Here to Catch Colins Dragons' Den Moment at the 29th Minute! 
  • Family of tourists in dublin castle ireland with their rollaer suitcase blue pink green and black we also have an orange rollaer suitcase as seen on dragons den bbc 1 8 pm thursday 4th January 2024 PeggyRain washing line dragons den suitcase dragons den one roll suitcase dragons den

    ROLL Anywhere with ROLLAER

    Welcome to ROLLAER, where we are revolutionising the way you travel with our innovative suitcase solutions. Our goal is to provide travelers with a durable and stylish alternative to traditional spinner wheel suitcases. With our unique roller design, ROLLAER offers unparalleled stability and manoeuvrability, making it the perfect companion for navigating uneven surfaces and cobblestone streets effortlessly.

  • green roller case ROLLAER suitcase as seen on Dragons Den BBC 1 8pm Thursday 4 Jan 2024 Season 21 Dragons Den. Touker Suleyman Rollaer suitcase on Dragons Den . Washing line Dragons den Bicycle Alarm Dragons Den

    ROLLAER Solution

    Travelers face a common and frustrating problem - broken suitcase wheels. Navigating through airports, streets, and various terrains becomes a hassle as traditional spinner wheel suitcases fail to withstand the demands of travel. Uneven surfaces and cobblestone streets pose a particular challenge, leaving travelers with damaged luggage and a sense of inconvenience. We believe that everyone deserves durable, reliable luggage that can withstand any journey with ease and grace.

  • Check out Colin O Brien on BBC Dragons' Den where he showcased PeggyRain washing line that covers your clothes when its raining. Colin also showcased Rollaer roller case on dragons den . the website for peggyrain is  the website for rollaer is Colin also showed his unique bicycle alarm that peter jones thought was a superb product. check out rollaer roller case suitcase

    ROLLAER SUITCASE, PeggyRain & Bicycle Alarm BBC Dragons' Den

    Colin O' Brien brought the ingenious ROLLAER Suitcase into the Dragons' Den and was delighted to showcase ROLLAER to the Dragons. Colin also demonstrated PeggyRain the Washing Line that knows when its raining and covers your washing!

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ROLLAER on Dragons' Den

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